EFDI Board of directors meeting was held in Zagreb on 7th September

Constructive discussion of European experts for deposit insurance continue to improve deposit insurance systems

7th September 2021- Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency hosted EFDI Board of directors meeting attended by Thierry Dissaux (FR) Chair, Marija Hrebac (HR) EFDI vice-chair, Dirk Cupei (DE) and Harald Podoschek (A) EFDI Board members together with Andras Fekete-Gyor (HU) Secretary General of EFDI.

Aside from regular business topics, members of the Board and Secretary General used this opportunity to discuss solutions for problems caused by pandemic, aggravating traveling circumstances as well as potential for organizing meetings in person. Furthermore, Board discussed organization of Annual General Meeting as important point of determining further directions of operations of Association and other challenges in the field of deposit insurance.

Although everyone agreed that new technologies in this sector were well adopted and significantly improved operations during covid period, enabling also regular business and target reaching for the EFDI, it was clear and joint goal set in terms of wish for returning back to ‘old normal’ and holding AGM with physical presence of all members.

Marija Hrebac, director of Croatian Agency and vice-chair of EFDI Board, used this opportunity to express satisfaction with the fact that, instead of virtual board meeting, a physical reunion of the Board happened in Zagreb and that Croatia was evaluated as safe destination, hoping it will stay like that in the future because Zagreb is important touristic and economic centre from which numerous positive initiatives starts on national, European and international level.

As a reminder, the Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency is member of European Forum of Deposit Insurers -EFDI)

EFDI is international non-profit association, established in 2002. In accordance with Belgian legislation with aim of achieving necessary contribution toward financial stability by strengthening role of deposit insurance systems and investor’s protection schemes as well as promoting European cooperation in those fields. EFDI represents joint interests of its members, exchange information, best practices and opinions, provides analysis, evaluations and recommendations and cooperates with EU, national and international institutions. Currently EFDI counts 68 institutional members (Deposit Guarantee Schemes and Investor Compensation Schemes) from 47 countries in Europe or member country of Council of Europe.