Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency was founded on May 24, 1994 by the Law on State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution (Official Gazette 44/94, 79/98, 19/99, 35/00 and 60/04) . The Agency was founded as an independent legal entity and its founder is the Republic of Croatia.

Core business of the Agency is protection of deponents from losing their deposits in the event of bankruptcy of credit institution.

In accordance with Law on Deposit Insurance System (Official Gazette 146/20, 119/22) the Agency protects depositors in credit institutions which obtained license from Croatian National Bank (CNB) and its’ branches in another Member States.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Resolution of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms (Official Gazette 146/20) the Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency manages Resolution Fund.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Credit Institutions’ Compulsory Liquidation Act (Official Gazette 146/20), the Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency is a supervisory liquidation body, ie. a body of compulsory liquidation  proceedings that supervises the work of liquidators.

Our mission is to preserve confidence in financial system, protect the citizens and economy and provide support to credit institutions in stable and long-term business operations assurance.