Right to access information

In accordance with the Law on the right to access to information, the Croatian Deposit Insurance Agency (HAOD) enables access to information by regularly publishing information via the website and by providing information to the user who has submitted a request for exercising the right to access information.

The right to access information can be exercised by submitting an oral or written request.

If the request is submitted in writing, it is necessary to fill in the request form for access to information, or the request form for supplementing or correcting information, which you can send to:

The information officer is Arlena Štulić, and the deputy is Martina Rodić.

Verbal requests will be received on the phone number  01 / 48 13 222.

There is no fee charged for access to information, but HAOD has the right to request compensation for the actual material costs incurred by providing the information, as well as compensation for the costs of delivering the requested information.