Excluded Categories from Deposit Insurance System

The following are excluded categories from deposit insurance system i.e. they are not eligible for compensation in case of a license revocation and bank closure:

• Deposits of credit institutions

• Instruments included in the regulatory capital

• Deposits of financial institutions

• Liabilities from debt securities and liabilities from its own acceptances and own bills of exchange

• Deposits of insurance and reinsurance companies

• Deposits of voluntary and mandatory pension funds

• Deposits of investment companies

• Deposits of joint venture entities

• Deposits of public administrative bodies

• Deposits arising from the activities in relation to which the final verdicts for the money laundering criminal offense have been passed

• No name deposits of the anonymous encrypted password provider

• Investment firm client's claims, clients of a credit institution for which a credit institution provides investment services and clients of investment fund management companies when the company provides investment services and are included in the investor protection system

• Deposits of the parent, associate companies and subsidiaries with which the credit institution makes a group

• Deposits of members of the Management Board and members of the Supervisory Board who performed those functions at the date of the deposit unavailability or the 12 months period prior to it and the shareholder’s deposits that, together with the related family members, participate with at least 5% in the credit institution share capital

• Deposits of the audit company which audited the last credit institution financial statements 

• Deposits or part of deposits that arise after the Croatian National Bank withdrew its license.