1st meeting EFDI members of Balkan Regional

1st meeting EFDI members of Balkan Regional

1st meeting  EFDI members of  Balkan Regional

Zagreb, 27th March 2015

Croatia hosted first gathering/meeting of EFDI members from Balkan Region, which took place on March 27th 2015 in Zagreb.

Representatives of Albanian, Bosnian, Montenegro, Macedonian and Serbian deposit insurers were participating in the meeting.

Together with sharing best practices and recent experience form each market, topics that were discussed on the meeting were related to the new EU Directives and implementation in forthcoming period.
Participants shared status update related to implementation of Directives into their national legal framework and expressed opinion on expected influence on financial stability form perspective of deposit insurance.

Clear need for signing the memorandum of understanding, between participating members, was joint conclusion of the meeting in order to enable and improve further exchange of experience, information and knowledge and in order to easier align protection of depositors in the Region protecting overall financial stability in accordance of EU directives.